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Most moles don’t require treatment, although if you have a mole that’s misshapen, discolored, or growing in size, it might be time to have it removed. Board-certified dermatologist Jeffrey Alter, MD, offers comprehensive mole removal treatments at Integrated Dermatology of Waterbury. If you need a mole removed or evaluated, contact this Waterbury, Connecticut, dermatology practice to schedule an evaluation. Request an appointment online, or call the office directly.

Mole Removal Q & A

Why do I need a mole removal?

A mole removal might be necessary for a variety of reasons. For instance, if your dermatologist finds that you have an abnormal-looking mole, they may remove it to send off to the lab for further analysis. You may also need a mole removal procedure if your mole is:

  • Painful, uncomfortable, or bleeding
  • Precancerous or cancerous
  • Unsightly or unattractive

Mole removal is a minimally invasive procedure that’s performed right in the office, so you won’t have to worry about a lengthy or painful surgery.

What happens during mole removal?

At Integrated Dermatology of Waterbury, Dr. Alter evaluates any suspicious or problematic moles you may have. Once the two of you decide on which mole (or moles) needs to be removed, he numbs the treatment area with a small injection.

Removing a mole involves using a very sharp scalpel to cut or shave away the mole. If the mole is suspicious, Dr. Alter may also remove some of the healthy tissue surrounding the mole to ensure he thoroughly removes all of the problematic cells.

The next step involves using an electrical tool to gently cauterize (burn) the treated area. This helps promote healing and stop bleeding. After your mole removal, Dr. Alter places sutures (if needed) to help your wound heal.

Dr. Alter typically likes to see you back in the office about 7-10 days after your mole removal to evaluate your wound and remove stitches. If you needed a biopsy, he can discuss your results and any essential treatments with you during this time.  

Is mole removal painful?

Usually, the most uncomfortable part of a mole removal at Integrated Dermatology of Waterbury is the initial prick of the needle during the numbing process. But the numbing solution takes effect in seconds, so you shouldn’t feel a thing after that point. Dr. Alter explains that you may feel tugging or pulling as he removes your mole, although you shouldn’t feel any pain.

If you need a mole removed, schedule an appointment at Integrated Dermatology of Waterbury right away. You can request your mole removal visit either online or over the phone.